Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can we negotiate with the investors?

    Yes! You are not required to accept an offer from an investor and if the offer is below what you want, you can make a counter offer. Some investors submit offers at their final price and some mat negotiate. We will always guide you through the process and help you make informed decisions.

  • How do you get paid? What do you charge for an offer?

    Your fee for selling your home through SCHomeOffers is no different than the fee we charge sellers who use our SCHomeOffers Listings process: 6% of the final purchase price, plus $200. An interested investor could prospectively request an additional fee, which will be disclosed upfront.

  • Are these offers coming from wholesalers and assigned prior to closing?

    Contracts submitted by an affiliated investor are assignable to other purchasers, provided the assigned price is not higher than the price stated in your signed contract. We will never make additional profit by selling our contract to a higher bidder, but for the purpose of retaining capital for the purchase of additional homes, our affiliated investors may find it advantageous to have an alternative investor make the investment. Contracts submitted by non-affiliated investors are not assignable.

  • Where are you finding these investors?

    C21 The Harrelson Group has been open since 1999. Through the years, we have accumulated an extensive investor list and the the types of properties they like to purchase. In addition, we get SCHomeOffers approval request via this website. These investors are prequalified and must provide proof of funds when submitting offers.

  • Can I get an offer on my property while I'm listed with a real estate company other than Century 21 The Harrelson Group?

    No! This program is exclusive for customers and clients of Century 21 The Harrelson Group, C21 Expert Advisors, C21 Barefoot Realty, C21 McAlpine & Associates and C21 Vanguard.

  • Can I still sell my home if I don't like the investor offer?

    Absolutely, we will always present you with a selling strategy. Every seller will receive a fair market price opinion and marketing strategy to get their property sold.

  • How does SCHomeOffers work?

    One of our qualified agents will visit your home to learn all the features and benefits of the property. We will then submit your property details to our investors and they have 48 hours to submit an offer. We will discuss each offer with you as well as a present you with a side by side comparison of the offers and what you may be able to sell for on the open market. Our intention is to present you with multiple options. Once you accept an offer, you can determine when you want to move and we can negotiate that detail into the contract.

  • What types of properties qualifies for an offer?

    All properties will be submitted to our investors. Homes and condos attract the most offers while properties with acreage or those built prior to 1960 tend to receive less interest. In all cases, we will present you with a selling option.

  • Are the owners and affiliates of Century 21 The Harrelson Group the investors?

    The intention of this program is to provide owners with multiple selling options from non affiliated investors. In order to jump start the program, there may be times where an affiliated owner or its agents may make an offer. If this occurs, it will be fully disclosed at time of offer.

  • Are these low ball offers?

    We ask our investors to make fair offers. Each investor has their own methods for determining their offer. We will submit all offers to you and always advise you of current market value so you can make an informed decision.

  • Are these contracts assignable?

    Any contract from affiliated partners are assignable yet they must be assigned at the same price....not above the agreed purchase price in the original agreement. No wholesaling allowed. All non-affiliated investors are not aloud to assign.

  • How much do you charge for acquiring investor offers?

    Our fee for SCHomeOffers is the same fee charged for selling your property the traditional route. We do not add additional commissions for this service. Our goal for the program is to bring you additional ease and certainty to the selling process at no additional charge.